Our Mission

Hinds International has conducted extensive research into IAQ in Hong Kong. Using the latest information technology, we have collected reproducible data with customized equipment that can deliver health, comfort and energy-saving to our customers, including buildings owners, engineers and occupants. We have worked with large corporations and government departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

Our expertise in Clean Rooms has developed over thirty years; our knowledge in this area has transferred into air-conditioning and buildings engineering, where we have experience as designer, contractor and consultant.

Who can benefit from working with Hinds?
  • Stakeholders in green issues;
  • Building owners who wish to deliver health and comfort to tenants;
  • Employers interested in the working conditions of their employees for productivity and social reasons;
  • Building Owners/Managers who wish to optimise the delivery of health and comfort, conserving energy and saving money;
  • Building Owners/Managers who look towards the long term sustainability of their businesses;
  • Government Departments which wish to implement standards and guidelines for health and comfort and for sustained, future economic productivity;
  • Legislators accountable to citizens;
  • Health care practitioners interested in the environmental causes of illness.